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Thank You For Firing Me!
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Now Wanted: A Few Good Men

Posted by Candice and Kitty on the January 7th, 2010

We believe EVERYONE should be employed based on their talents and passion for the job. So, why should beautiful, sexy men not be able to make a living by putting their God-given talents to work? We say, give the beautiful men jobs too!

And so it shall be!

The Shady Lady Ranch in Tonopah, Nevada got the green light( should it not be red?) on Tuesday, Jan 5, to hire male prostitutes, or as madam Bobbi Davis calls them, 'service-oriented' guys willing to become Nevada's first legal male sex workers.?

In 2005, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss announced that she was moving to Pahrump, in southern Nye County, in hopes of creating a 'stud farm.' She opened a Laundromat instead.


Just think, not only will you be providing a service that WE think is waaaay overdue, but you'll be providing a semi-legal service to all those female truck drivers out there who need a little love on the road. And, hey, if an occasional guy trucker happens to come into your room,
well, we are so not judging!

Ms. Davis has had about 100 applicants sent to her, so stop messing around on Craiglslist, pack your sunblock and high-tail it out to Tonopah! Oh, and if in a couple of months while we are out promoting our book (Thank You for Firing Me!) and our RV happens to stray off I-15,
give us a discount will ya stud?

For more information on hooking a job out at the Shady Lady:,0,7495471.story?track=rss

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