Thank You For Firing Me!

Thank You For Firing Me!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Those who can't do, teach...

Or they write a book and become experts.

Like moi. I wrote and published a book- "Thank You for Firing Me! How to Catch the Next Wave of Success After Your Lose Your Job." It's about how you can find a career that you love. It's done pretty well, but I am certainly not getting rich. The book did garner rave reviews in TIME and I went on national TV (Fox...BetterTV), Librarians loved it and I have a column on how to find a gig. (The San Diego Reader. )

The trouble is- I can't find a job!

Oh sure, I still freelance...been doing it forever, but I'm tired of begging for payment or being asked to write for $5 bucks an article or even worse- for free. (Seriously, I have written/placed more than 5000 articles for the NY Times and other big-time...and small time publications and organizations. I don't do free!)

So in December of 2011 I started applying for real, honest-to-God jobs. With bi-weekly paychecks and health benefits and paid vacations.  I WANT to put on real clothes each day- yoga pants and a bra is not office attire- and I want to hang out with my co-workers and gossip and complain about the boss/client.

But no one wants me!

Seriously! To date I have applied for 164 jobs for which I am completely qualified.

I have been interviewed 24 times on the phone. I have been interviewed in-person five times. You do the math. (I can't, I'm a writer.)

I have been offered zero jobs.

I'm not sure if it's because I am too friendly or too pretty/unattractive/thin/busty or my hair is too curly.  I don't swear and I listen and smile and practice all the hard questions.  I use deodorant, I dress the part- HEY, I wrote a book about this stuff, I know what to do! least I still have a sense of humor...or do I? (I tend to laugh at my own jokes...maybe THAT'S the problem.)

Starting today I am going to change up the blog a little and start writing about some of the interviews I've experianced and the people I've met. Hopefully this will keep me from going back to waitressing (love the job but my feet/back do not!) or going insane. I also hope it will help others find inspiration and hope...and maybe a laugh or two.

Stay tuned...I've got some good ones!

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