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Thank You For Firing Me!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush to Send out Resume?

Oh my, my, my. 

We've all said some things at work that we regret, but Rush Limbaugh- "Maha Rushie*" really put his foot in it. Everyone knows what he said, including his sponsors AOL, Sleep Mattress, LegalZoom and so many more, so we won't be repeating it here on Jobs4yourfiredAss.

The odds of "The Doctor of Democracy*" actually being kicked to the curb are pretty low- free speech, ya'll- but stranger things have happened. (Lindsey Lohan getting a new movie gig for one!)

Because I love everyone who needs a job equally (fingers crossed behind my back) here are some suggestions for " Da-Man - your President - “Osama-Obama” doesn’t want you to listen to*,” in case Clear Channel finally says "Adios." I am an equal opportunity job-finder.

Good luck  "El Rushbo.*" You're gonna need it.

JOBS FOR  “Chief Waga-Waga of the Conservo Tribe*”


Lay low for a while -

and the most obvious job for redemption:


* Nicknames Rush has given himself.

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