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Thank You For Firing Me!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Jobs for Tiger and You

Sometimes when you love your job and it defines your life things can go terribly wrong. Take Tiger Woods- well we've never taken him, but apparently many others have.

The guy is the best golfer in the world, which is his job, but he can be a bit testy and full of himself. (one of us has interviewed him- trust us, he's not Mr. Warmth to the press.) Seriously, we don't know if we would even invite him to the annual holiday office party.

Over the course of his career his co-workers have probably become a little tired of him winning all the trophies, big paydays and bonuses and getting all the attention--- and golf groupies--- and we doubt that they're crying into their beers over the 'allegations' of his 'alleged' 73 mistresses and his wife's claim that he was a tad tipsy and on sleeping pills when he drove into the tree. Really, when you are the top-dog at your company people are usually after your ass and would love to take you down a peg. We've been there, trust us.

So anyway, we were thinking that Tiger might be a little worried about his image- and his paycheck. The world's greatest golfer makes his Cadillac payments from big companies-about 90% of the millions Woods earns are for endorsements - not for his golfing. His goody-golf shoes image as a married family man has been all but demolished by reports that he cavorted with women other than his wife. (Office romances- not a good idea if you want to keep your job.)

Tiger is holding onto his big bucks backers - at least for now- but we would like to reach out to him- and you. Here are some possible job opportunities for anyone who enjoys spending the day on the course can apply for if any of you lose your big paycheck. So get off the tee an apply NOW!

(or seven or ten...we've lost count!)

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