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Thank You For Firing Me!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Instant Cash- Nothing to Sneeze at... or is it?

So seriously- how are you feeling these days? Down-in-the-dumps because you can't find a job? A little dizzy because you're hungry? Got the sniffles because the gas company turned your heat off? Are your feet hurting because you're pounding the pavement everyday looking for employment?


That's right, we said Good! All these ailments can bring in the dough if you become a paid
volunteer in a clinical trial.

No joke! If you have bunions, an Orange County CA team will pay you up to 400 bucks for a chance to umm, well, we don't know but it's $400... and they're bunions!

Another clinical trial company will pay you cash to let them yank out your wisdom teeth, something you don't need anyway.

You don't actually have to have diabetes/asthma/hot flashes/penile erectile dysfunction or bad breath-but it would help.

There are studies all over the country listed here for the healthy and infirm. We have a friend who made $30,000 last year sleeping, drinking booze, being poked, probed and zapped. But he loved the jobs and he's probably writing a damn book which will be made into a feature film
staring Meryl Streep while we plod along dishing out advice. Sigh. ..will'
Anyway- here's a chance to make some money and possibly get healthy. If you can't quite bring yourself to be a guinea pig, go and sign out Grandpa from the 'home' and take him to the Alzheimer's clinical trial in Los Angeles. He'll get $2500 which he has no need for and won't
remember he got it AND you'll get an extra $50 just for sitting in the waiting room. Come on, he won't tell and he'll be happy if you buy him an ice cream on the way home.

Good luck- just don't let them actually turn you into a guinea pig; they
won't be paying you that much!

Craigslist and alternative newspapers are a great resource for clinical
trial volunteering. Her are a few from us to you! Bunion Trial Alzhiemers Dallas
And the big one-

PS- Don't use a service that charges YOU money..SCAMMERS!

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