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Thank You For Firing Me!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jobs of the Future or Futuristic Jobs?

Where is our flying car, that's what we would like to know!
There were promises made back in the early 1960's and as of yet, we haven't seen any flying by our house. (Well, one DID fly into our house recently, but that's a different story.)

Anyhoo, while we wait for these guys to invent one with that comes equipped with a cute pilot- we'll look at other gigs that look to the future for employment.

First off, we're not the biggest Sci-Fi fans- we're still afraid to
watch the Twilight Zone in the dark- but the jobs are starting to look
like George Jetson invented them. (You don't know George Jetson? Fine!)
We mean, Turanga Leela. (Comprede voo now?) Jobs for Robot builders and
Space Tour Guides are starting to turn up all over the galaxy. is gearing up to blast into space, and they will need some hardy folks who don't get airsick to help them point out stars and stuff. So keep your helmet close, Professor Quatermass, (What?
Don't get that reference either smarty-pants Gen Yer? Boy, would we kick
your butt in Trivial Pursuit!) OK, we mean keep your helmet close by... Nara. (Happy?) Either way, this job is for those with a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering, or a relevant field, a love for adventure and a strong belief in human exploration.

For a salary range of $80,000 to $90,000, I believe, I believe!

Another futuristic job is robot builder. No not like building one out of
Lego's, but a real robot inventor. ARPA Grand Challenge robot cars and
student competitions like Botball and FIRST. Robots already work in some
research laboratories and factories. What will be the killer application
that brings them into every home. Salary is 80-90K and that will buy a
lot of WD-40 for Rosie the Robot. (Oh forget it! Just get a job!)

For more futuristic jobs and training, check out these sites:
And here's one more so you'll find a job and stop bothering us.
See you later Space Cowboy!

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