Thank You For Firing Me!

Thank You For Firing Me!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Whining about job loss ladies?? Well SNAP OUT OF IT!

Listen I know it's tough out there, but seriously, I am tired of having to hold your hand every step of the way. I need a little break. Maybe a vacation on an island with a pina colada whipped up by a hunky island guy who is slightly near-sighted so he can't see how old I am. Yes, that sounds wonderful! But, just so you don't fall apart while I jet away (in my mind) here's a gal who can whip you into shape career-wise. Take some deep breaths and meet my friend Angela of  It's A Chick Thing Coaching-----

Angela is a real, bona-fide career coach. (yes, I know, I'm an anti-career expert, but apparently not all of you are ready for that. Maybe after your midlfe cirises you will catch on.) ANYWAY, as I was saying, Angela's really got it going on and is funny and younger than me and she's damn smart- actually graduated from college and everything.!

Angela specializes in collaborating with young professional women just starting out or transitioning in their careers and who may be struggling to find their way through life...hey, that sounds like ME..20 years  and a few Botox injections down the road!

So let's give all of our attention to Angela while I'm gone, and if you start whining again that you hate your job and refuse to do anything about it Angela has my permission to slap you into shape. Angela, good luck, because I am grabbing my bathing suit and headed out the door!
Don't forget- check out Angela NOW!

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