Thank You For Firing Me!

Thank You For Firing Me!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

You're Fired! Now Let Me Help You Find A Job....

It's what I live for.

SO..... for the past four days I have been in New York, pimping out the book and while I've been out and about, I've seen some pretty unhappy folks in their jobs.  Seriously people, is the money THAT important? Yes, I understand that homelessness will not get you laid, but it must suck to be you in that crappy job.

Example: There were at least six unhappy Puerto Rican girls in the Bloomingdale's dressing room that ALL seemed to hate their jobs..and I get it. It must not be fun to put up with snooty Manhattan socialites and Debs trying on slinky party dresses for events that said Puerto Rican girls are not invited to. That said, I would like to advise these young women that there are better jobs out there where they will wake up in the morning and put that sassy attitude to work.
Let me cho you.


Body Guard---


But, getting back to Bloomingdale's- because I did a few times- there was a salesman named  Abi, from Morocco, who seemed to LOVE his job. And, quell surprise, he works on commission only. (Shame on Bloomingdale's.) He had a great attitude and was friendly and patient to my friends and I.  He made our shopping day(s) a wonderful experience and he actually told me that he loved his job- on COMMISSION ONLY! wow, I am unworthy Abi.

Even though he didn't ask, just for fun, I found a few jobs for  positive guys who love selling woman's' shoes- oh yes,  Abi is in the shoe department, so I don't feel too sorry for him! Seriously,  I don't blame him for being happy- I would work there for free too!

Abi is one of the happiest working guys in New York City- so if you are at Bloomies, make sure to ask for him- he will make your day!

DSW Shoes---
Mystery Shoe Job ----

Oh, and just in case you want to work for free at Bloomingdales- here you go!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'd end up owing Bloomie's money if I worked there!