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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Am I repeating Myself? Older Posts Cont....

The Media Elite Shit-canned—Maybe they can get a job with Fox News?
October 28, 2008 · Leave a Comment
Jezzuz, can it get any worse?

BREAKING: L.A. Times Announces 75 Editorial Job Cuts Today

EIC Russ Stanton delivered this good morning message to his troops today:

Colleagues, The growing economic downturn is forcing us to undergo another round of job reductions and cost cuts. I deeply regret to report that today, 75 of our friends, colleagues and capable staff members in Editorial will be told that they are losing their jobs. This is about 10% of our total staff and these cuts are comparable in scale to those made on the business side of The Times last week. The severance terms being offered to our colleagues are similar to those offered in the other reductions we’ve faced this year. I appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation during this difficult period. Your department heads and the senior editing team, including John, Davan, Meredith and I, are available to hear your concerns and answer any questions. Russ Stanton
Los Angeles Times

Well then, that’s more great news in these happy times now, isn’t it? And yet Fox News seems to keep their reporters on…perhaps the Times should make some editorial changes? Other than cutting their paper in half….

Oh well, it’s all very sad, but again, we don’t want to beat a dead horse or anything—because really, who does?— but here is a partial list from US News & World Report today of important jobs that will stick around even if the world is on the verge of self-destructing and collapsing. Oh, wait, it is collapsing. So OK then, here’s the list;

Law enforcement: In tough times, the level of crime tends to increase. It happened in France, you know, the whole start of the revolution….that whole storming of the palace because people were damn hungry? (Read your history books!) So be a cop. They don’t seem to go hungry.

Vice industries: Sex tends to sell well in a depression, as does liquor… Bevmo is opening more stores throughout the West. People will always find money to buy booze, so rum- running could be in your future.

Repossession, foreclosure, and debt collection: When borrowers can’t pay back their loans on homes or cars or credit cards, someone has to collect and evict. If you’re a car person, there will be jobs repossessing giant SUVs from borrowers who took advantage of no-qualification loans even when they knew it was more than they could afford. Kind of a job for jerks, but hey, jerks need jobs too.

Clergy : People seek spiritual support in tough times. Hallelujah Brother!

Entertainment: During the Great Depression, the movie industry boomed as people craved escapism and had time to burn. That would very likely be the same today: The film, video game, sports, and creative arts industries should remain viable. Besides if you are an actor, odds are you are used to being unemployed.

And this one we added just because we used to be in the biz.

Funeral Director: The nation’s death rate of 8.1 per 1,000 people will climb to as high as 10.9 as Baby Boomers die off. Death—there’s money to be made there folks, so stop your tears and store away your Reporter’s Notebooks and AP Stylebook and check these industry’s out. Besides, you were tired of getting crap from people who always said, “The Media,” like you, oh I don’t know, stepped in a pile of dog crap or something.

Am I right???

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