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Sunday, November 15, 2009

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You just lost your Job? Sweeeeet!
November 11, 2008 · Leave a Comment

Lemme ’splain Lucy.

First off, today’s headlines are once again scaring the bajezuz out of everyone, but not your trusty anti-career experts!

Okay, so Global delivery company DHL announced today that it was cutting 9,500 jobs as it discontinues air and ground operations within the United States AND U.S. financial services and brokerage companies are threatening to lay off another 70,000 workers AND Circuit City is talking about ‘restructuring’ the company (read: layoffs) but hey, it’s all good!

This is the perfect time for forward-thinking individuals—PSST, THAT’S YOU! If you were just sacked or are about to be canned this is a tremendous opportunity to reinvent yourself rather than worrying about all the headlines of recession and downturn. (Except our headlines of course.)

When we talk about ‘reinvention,’ it’s not something crazy like quitting your job as a highly paid, highly stressed surgeon and running away with the circus…like this guy we know named Dr. Dare who used to replace heart valves and now gets shot out of a cannon …but something like that.

Trying to reinvent yourself into something that you think you “ought to” do is not a good idea. Any change process involves hard work, set-backs and even hitting brick walls. Like Dr Dare.

If you’re chasing after another job which you have little enthusiasm for, then you have little chance of success. Or worse, you’ll get that piece-of-crap job and be miserable.

So focus on identifying roles which involve activities which you enjoy. Jobs which will utilize the skills which you enjoy using and enable you to work with the people you enjoy hanging out with.

But we do get that you have to eat. Reinvention isn’t something you can do in a weekend and jobs are not being found on every street corner, but they are out there. Maybe you will have to take a crappy job to tide you over until your ‘dream job’ can be obtained. So go ahead, it won’t kill you, but don’t become too attached. This is the perfect time to start over. We have a new administration and a new attitude swirling out there in the cosmos so get out there a find out how you can make a career doing what you love….just like Dr. Dare!

Job Listing:

Since we got on this circus kick, here is a school where you can learn to ‘fly through the air with the greatest of ease….” or something like that.

AND, here are some circus job listings for just about everyone including dancers, techies and administrative folks.

and one more…

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