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Thank You For Firing Me!
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Out of Work but Totally Trendy!
November 18, 2008 · Leave a Comment

Dude- the bad news is you’re unemployed. The good news is that you’re finally cool. Being without a job is like, all trendy. Everyone is doing it!

You know how it seems like you buy the cool clothes right as they go out of style? Remember the mullet you finally talked yourself into getting……a decade too late? And you finally saved enough money to buy that Hummer? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about. Always a step behind right?

But not now! You got laid off. So have like, 1.2 million people. Tight!

And now, like the coolest president-elect ever held his first radio address on YouTube last Saturday and what did he talk about?


That’s right, he spoke about getting people…like YOU…back to work. He talked about helping people to reinvent themselves so they can find jobs in the green movement and other thriving industries. Out with the old, all across the board!

So check out the pages we have here or heck, checkout other jobs sites, and get back to work. And don’t feel bad. If you had to lose your job, you picked the perfect time to do it. Really, two years ago your creditors would have come and taken you to debtor jail, now they speak to you like understanding human beings. Last year people would have called you a loser. Now they call you cool. (OK, maybe they still call you a loser but it could be a personal problem.) But don’t wait to long, another trend is right around the corner.

So get (back) to work!

Cool Jobs of the Week—there are a bunch of them!

Safeway Inc has 2 WINE STEWARD openings!!!

The two available Wine Steward Positions are at:
4515 SE Woodstock, Portland 97206 (store 1523) and
12032 SE Sunnyside Rd, Portland 97015 (store 1231)

Apply now at or at our in store hiring kiosks. For additional information on this position, please contact Safeway’s Employment Specialist at

Greenpeace is currently hiring motivated and confident individuals to build its grassroots power.FULL-TIME AND PART-TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE keywords: full-time, part-time, students, grads, graduates, environment, environmental, social change, progressive, global warming, peace, summer, year-round, amazon, forests, toxic technology, learn, career, principles, Greenpeace, green, oil dependence, renewable energy

And this one because we found it very interesting! Too bad OUR eggs are out of business!

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