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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guess What? Ding, Ding, Ding! Older Posts!

Apparently we need to get F***ing serious now!
November 7, 2008 · 2 Comments

How is this even happening?

Seriously, we have president-elect Obama on the job, a boss who is offering ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ and all things rosy, yet the economy plunges deeper into the abyss?


Everyone is reporting that the unemployment rate finally climbed to 6.5% — the highest in 14 years — making it nearly impossible for the clowns in Washington to continue to deny that we’re headed 100 mph smack into a wall of recession.

Those photos of folks standing in the unemployment line on A1 is depressing as hell. In fact in brings back memories of your anti-career specialists standing in one of those lines back in, ummm…when did we last get unemployment? 1981?

That’s because we have about 3 jobs each. Good jobs, decent paying jobs. Nothing like a gig on Wall St….or a money-making mortgage firm or a snazzy real estate office….oh wait, those jobs are disappearing as fast as the office supplies in the White House.

Sure this economy sucks and with $1 million jobs lost this year the outlook is, well, f***ed.

Or is it?

Here’s the thing. None of our friends are out of work. Well, actually, a bunch of them lost their jobs this year, heck, we even lost a few between us, but everyone is working. Making a buck. Paying the mortgage. (Sort of.) The fact is, there ARE jobs out there, just maybe not the same exact job that you just lost.

Here, let us explain.

Our friend Carlos was an electrician in a big fancy building in San Francisco but he lost his job six months ago when the building co-op board decided to find a less expensive contractor. Fine, so Carlos looks around and finds a job installing solar panels in Los Angeles. He took a two-day course on how to install those puppies wa-la! He’s already moved up in the company and some day hopes to own his own solar installation business.

Okay, not convinced?

Sarah, a friend from school was a mover and shaker in real estate. She had the Beemer and the big-ass house over-looking the Pacific…but two years ago she saw the Four Horsemen of the real estate Apocalypse charging towards her McMansion and she freaked! (wouldn’t you? ) Anyway, she pretty much saw the writing on the wall and tried to figure out what else the hell she could do besides tricking young couples into buying homes they couldn’t afford. (Let’s not even talk about the Karma.) Sarah thought and she thought and while she was thinking her mom went into an assisted living joint. Sarah thought it stunk like urine and the four grand she was paying for mom seemed to be a tad over-the-top for what they were getting. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!

Sarah made one last sale—her own home—and bought a smaller one inland for a pittance. She hired an RN who was sick of working in a big hospital and young staffers and filled the four rooms of the cute new assisted living home she created with old folks who have cash. Business was so good she bought another and another. Sarah now owns 5 assisted living houses and spends quality time with mom while she’s at it.

These are just a couple of examples, and starting today, we’re going to list more and more jobs, but we need YOU to be creative. Stop thinking about getting another job exactly like the one you just lost. Screw that! Re-invent yourself into someone that has an enjoyable career. Would it kill you to have fun at work? (no is the proper answer.)

So stop reading the damn paper (the election is over, so save your 50 cents because you don’t have it!) and read us instead. Send us your comments AND your job postings. If we all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, we can turn this unemployment thingy around. Really, if we can help an African-American nab the most important job in the world we can certainly find you a new career. (Yes we helped in the voting booth, thank you very much!)

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