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Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Old Posts from the Other site that Does Not Work

Studs for Hire! A Hot Job for Hot Guys
October 9, 2008 · Leave a Comment
Author of "Pandering" and Groundbreaking Entrepreneur

Heidi Fleiss, Author of Pandering

Some men hate wearing suits for work. Some guys hate wearing jeans. If you’re a guy who cant stand working in clothes and prefers being on the job naked, groundbreaking entrepreneur Heidi Fleiss has the perfect job for you–but only if you’re a hot, hunky stud who enjoys pleasing women. Guys who resemble Donald Trump or Hugh Hefner need not apply.

This December Heidi Fleiss is taking applications for her new business venture in Nevada, “The Stud Farm”. She is opening a male bordello for women, and HBO will be filming a documentary about Heidi’s stud farm, which will be opening sometime next year. The establishment will be in an area of Nevada where prostitution is legal.

It only took several thousands of years for someone to think of including men in the “oldest profession in history”. Prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, where women for hire stand in the windows of storefronts. You can window shop for miles and not see a single guy standing in a window. Until now, such a service was only available to male clientele. With so many men out of work and a growing population of women who have busy lives, money to spend and no place to go for stress relief other than the nail salon, Heidi Fleiss is helping our drying (no pun intended) economy. If you’re attractive and would like to earn serious money in Nevada entertaining an endless, all day supply of women, visit to submit an application.

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