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Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Lose your job but not your Identity
September 16, 2008 · 1 Comment

Get real folks—your job is not who you are! You have an identity besides being a stockbroker/waiter/banker/VP candidate. If you lose your job you are still a good person!!! Really—WE like you!!!!

So with the world crashing down around our heads these days and the candidates fighting about pigs and lipstick and faux beauty queens (note: one of the jobs4yourfiredass writers has been a teeny bit obsessed with all things political. Sorry about the lack of posts.) we want to get back to finding you a job!

As we’ve stated before, don’t take the first thing that comes along—if you can help it. I mean, if you have to take a job as a Port-a-Potti clean-up guy to save the house, then do it. BUT, if you have a little time, take a breather. Take a moment to figure out what the hell YOU want to do. I mean, if you already lost the SUV and the house, what’s your hurry???? Check out the top jobs from today’s headlines. Then take a nap. Check out the jobs again, have beer and then sleep on it. Tomorrow you could be right back to work and not even remember what your old boss looked like. It’s just a job. Get over it.

Hot off the presses!!!, today released is top five industries for entry-level employment.

#1 – Sales and Business Development: Accounting for almost a quarter of all postings for entry-level workers, Sales and Business Development includes jobs in account management, real estate, advertising and field sales.

#2 – Accounting and Finance: Despite a downturn in the mortgage and loan sectors, this category accounts for almost 15 percent of postings, with employers seeking entry-level candidates for accounting, financial analysis, consulting and administration positions.

#3 – Training and Instruction: Education-related opportunities, including special education and junior high school teachers, college administrators, counselors and adult education specialists, increased more than 90 percent year-over-year.

#4 – Information Technology and Software Development: The most popular jobs in this industry include web and software design, consulting, online security systems, computer maintenance and help desk support.

#5 – Medical and Health: This category outpaced all others with growth of 200 percent year-over-year. Nurses, dental practitioners, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, and general practice physicians are the most highly sought after.

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